I've lost a cuddly

France Objets Trouvés : j'ai perdu un doudou


Action #1: search again

Is it not in the laundry basket, not in the push chair? Not in the sleeve of a coat? Of course you've looked everywhere and asked everyone. But it is worth giving it another try...


Action #2: crisis management

If your child is in the middle of a screaming fit, the way you are going to calm him/her down depends on their age… The littlest ones love the bottle or dummy, while the older ones want to help with the search. Depending on the child, it may be useful to explain that cuddly is lost and you need their help to find it. Good luck with this...


Action #3: action


  • Rewalk the last journeys

Rewalk the last journeys watching the ground (paying attention to your safety and environment around you), as well as walls or places where people may have put it if they found it. Don’t forget to check your place as it is not rare that people think that they took it out with them but it never left home.


  • Create a free listing on this site

Think about how you describe the cuddly, colour, size, everything is important, especially a photo (if you don't have any, you might want to check on the Internet to find a similar one). And because children are children Lost Property desk offers their service on this category of item free of charge.


Action #4: the ultimate betrayal (but it may work)

We would not dare to suggest that you can find an exact replacement, since your child will always know the difference, however this has been known to work: You can type « buy cuddly » in your favourite search engine, and the answer will be many sites to check.  If you find a similar one, get it (even 2 – you never know when you will need a backup).





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